Biotechnology aims to improve life quality by synthesizing technological and digital developments with the scientific knowledge on agricultural and human biology. Today, one of the most prominent biotechnology topics is the production of protein and medical drugs with genetic engineering. Biotechnology is a promising field with a huge potential especially in healthcare. With biotechnology, medical processes can become much more advanced and effective. Thus, biotechnology is one of the most important fields for the future. 

Social Sciences

Social Sciences is an academic field that analyzes human societies, social relations, and societal aspects through scientific approach. Social sciences is composed of many subfields such as economics, political sciences, sociology, psychology, and philosophy. Social sciences aims to understand and improve the society. Considering that we are living in an era of change and disruption with Covid-19 and digitalization, researches and startups on social sciences have an important role during this time of social change.


Sustainability aims to meet the present needs of people without negatively affecting the future generations. This field intends people to use the resources in the most optimal way without harming the biosphere. Sustainability can be studied through economic, social, and environmental perspectives. While we are running out of resources, research projects on sustainable energy are essential. These research projects are important both for living in a healthier environment and for a better future.

Education Technologies

The field of Educational Technologies aims to facilitate and enhance teaching and learning through using different methods such as computer programs and educational theories. This field is not limited to academic institutions. Educational technologies also focus on life-long learning and business education. Using technology properly can enhance and facilitate the education and learning process. Thus, since we are living in an era, in which technology is a fundamental aspect, researches and startups on education technologies have an important role in the 21st century. 


Aerospace mainly involves the design, development, and production of spacecraft, aircrafts, rockets, and satellites. In the modern era of space and aviation, many companies like SpaceX, Boeing, and Airbus have been investing in innovations in aerospace technology. Considering that we have been living in a Space Age since the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957, aerospace researches have an important role for the present day and the future. Recently, many of the researchers in this field started to try reducing the cost of aerospace projects while putting comprehensive projects into practice. 

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning - Data Science

In artificial intelligence and machine learning research, the researcher aims to develop the best algorithms for the program to learn the data set and apply the knowledge in the most efficient way. As one of the subfields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning aims to develop algorithms that improve automatically through experience. As an interdisciplinary field, data science aims to analyze data groups through scientific methods and algorithms. Artificial intelligence systems have become essential in many tasks. Some of these tasks include: enhancing the production capability in commerce, making comprehensive economic analysis possible, improving the healthcare and medical methods, and providing self-driving car services. Thus, projects and startups in artificial intelligence systems create the future.